My August 2023 favorites

Photo by Yelena Odinstov / Pexels

I really enjoyed this New Yorker article about Nora Ephron. If you haven't already noticed, I am a Nora Ephron diehard.

Another interesting article from The New Yorker about the change in climate around English and other humanities degrees. As an English student at Arizona State University (the essay's focus), I found this compelling.

I finally saw Oppenheimer, and I loved it. I ended up looking into J. Robert Oppenheimer afterward and am becoming ever fascinated by the details. I highly recommend giving it a watch or at least a Google.

I've been listening to Laufey's A Night At The Symphony, particularly this performance of Falling Behind.

I am planning an entire post on this subject, but ballet flats and Mary Janes are back and I couldn't be happier. How cute are these?

I listened to the Scamanda podcast on Spotify by Lionsgate Sound. It was truly shocking. It's about the case of Amanda C. Riley, who faked cancer and was charged with wire fraud in May 2022. If you are a true crime fiend like I am, this podcast will be up your alley.

I got my second lobe piercings done at Rowan and I got these super cute little wishbone earrings, too!

I hope you had a lovely August.

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