The maximalist home

A few years back, I would've told you I, Kelley, am a minimalist. And while that was maybe a little dramatic, I was really good at following the Marie Kondo method. I watched the documentaries and followed the minimalism blogs. I wasn't the person with two shirts, two bottoms, and only a mattress on the floor. However, I didn't have a lot of things. I kept the things I felt were necessary and that I used regularly and that was that. But when moving into my first apartment, the white and empty space made me realize how important trinkets, memorabilia, and color are. Living in a void of life made it so that everything I owned matched, but it also made it feel sterile. When I moved back in with my parents, I decided to decorate. I didn't over-clutter, but I added color and energy to the space. My room is cozier than ever. I call it Nancy Meyers/Nora Ephron style. Well-decorated but homey rooms with the right amount of neutrals and color. I imagine Cathleen Kelly's (Meg Ryan) apartment in You've Got Mail. I'm always on the lookout for new ways to spruce up the space; I'm currently on the hunt for some fun printed sheets.

Below are some of my inspiration pics! I can't wait to share my finished bedroom with you.

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