September 2023 things I loved

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I'm not sure what happened, but it's almost the middle of October? Time is flying. I want to reminisce with you, still, because I had a lovely September.

Before we begin, Alexa, play Bewitched by Laufey. I haven't stopped listening to this album since it was released on September 8th. Bewitched is an incredible modern jazz record, that just screams autumn.

I've been loving a good mystery. I watched The Stranger, a Netflix mini-series. A British series from 2020, following a mysterious woman who shares secrets she shouldn't know with unknowing secret keepers. It was brilliant, both the writing and the acting. I found myself on IMDb ten or so times trying to figure out what else could give me that kind of mystery and that kind of acting; what other projects have Siobhan Finneran and Richard Armitage done? We also got a performance from Jennifer Saunders, whom I love. Though it's not scary, it's a great watch during the spooky season.

As usual, puzzles have been my favorite way to pass the time. Autumn In the Neighborhood by Galison is still a work in process, but I have been enjoying it. 

I guess September was a media month but I finally listened to Audiochuck's The Deck Investigates, where Crime Junkie's Ashley Flowers and the team work to uncover the truth about the *real-life* 80s Indiana murder of Darlene Hulce. I have been so intrigued and excited for the community to crack this case. If you're into solving cases, getting justice for victim's loved ones, or just enjoy listening to podcasters tell prosecutors to do their jobs, you'll enjoy this one.

University has been in session for several weeks now. I really enjoyed ready Charles Dickens. I did a presentation for an English literature class all about David Copperfield, which I have always loved but got to delve into again.

I hope you had a lovely September!

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