Things that add calm to chaos

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I was having a stressful day a couple days ago. The autumn semester of school is around the corner, I have several doctor and dental appointments coming up, and I've been working on navigating the IRA, 401k, and HSA part of adulthood. It was just a full and harsh day of reality and I really wanted to take some time to reset before hopping back into the checklist.

I made this little list and wanted to share it with you.

- a cozy movie
    Cozying up to a romcom is one of my favorite activities. Two favorites that I always have time for:      You've Got Mail and First Wives Club. I just lay there happier than ever.

- baking
    Nothing says I am over it than slopping flour all over the counter, but a nice pan of homemade brownies always makes me feel better. This is a great recipe.

- researching something I'm interested in
    I have always wanted to live in a big city. Maybe NYC or the closer-to-home option, Chicago? Focusing on this for a few hours takes my mind off of the reality around me. I found so many cool restaurants online that I can try when I finally move to New York. *cross your fingers* I also cannot believe I've lived twenty-eight years without going here.

- music videos
    Absolutely nothing removes me from present-day drama more than a Celine Dion music video, the best song in history by Cher (and the video that I still don't understand), or this 1995 performance of You Were Meant for Me by Jewel. The visuals that come along with my favorite songs always take me away from my stressful moments. Not for long, of course, but definitely aids my effort.

- old photos
    A good 'ole family photo album or even just pics of me and my friends always takes me where I need to go. There really is no greater pastime for me than nostalgia. Looking through my photo album at my first concert, my last day of fifth grade, and my brothers and I making faces is exactly what I needed.

- take a bath
    I don't know if I should even type this out? If you have a bathtub, take a bath. It is calming. Add some Epsom salt, a bath bomb, or bubbles, and float into a good book. I'm reading this book right now. Maybe light a candle too?

- make a Spotify playlist
    I do this frequently, but especially when I'm in a funk. I made this one during my last down day. I am on an ABBA kick.

Some like to journal or go out. What do you do when you just need to relax?

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