My no-buy list for 2024

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I love stuff. Truly.

Any reader of this blog can identify that, too. 

Stuff is fun. Stuff adds intrigue to a dull space. Stuff makes your bed comfier. Stuff makes your shelves fuller. Stuff can be entertaining. Stuff can improve your life experience. 

But stuff collects.

As 2023 comes to an end, I have been reflecting on what it is that I wish to do with the ever-growing pile of things in my closet, drawers, cabinets, and shelves. I love my belongings. Who doesn't? I enjoy new things and those that I have had since I was a child. I keep what I love and get rid of what I don't. The problem is, however, the frequency and volume of things that I purchase aren't equal to the volume of things I get rid of.

The world today loves stuff, too, just like me. We love Amazon and the quick, sometimes low-quality variety of everything we can have tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I love it too. Nothing is better than needing a new computer charger or makeup remover and opening the Amazon app, selecting "Buy Now" and getting it tomorrow afternoon. But where should I draw the line? When does it become more about overabundance and less about convenience? 

But like I said, I love stuff. It's quite a dilemma. 

To reconsider my choices, have what I need, and give myself the freedom to try new things- I created a No Buy List.

A No Buy List is quite literally a list of things that I will not buy - or try not to, anyway. To build this list, I am answering three questions: 1) How many of these do I have? 2) Have I been using this? 3) Is this worth the cost?

In answering these questions, I give you my 2024 No Buy List.

- (additional subscriptions) - I have Netflix, Spotify/Hulu, Adobe, Canva, etc. I'm not allowed to have any more monthly subscriptions!
- handbags - I have several that I just do not carry.
- books - I discovered the Libby app this last year. It operates digitally through your state's public library and it's free. No more buying physical books, at least not right now.
- candles - In case you didn't know, I work for a candle company. Why am I paying for candles?
- coats/jackets - I love a good coat but my collection is ridiculous. I need to wear what I have right now.
- gaming consoles - I am always so tempted to get the newest tech, but I need to play the games I haven't finished on the consoles I already own. I'm an Xbox girl, but I also have a Switch.
video games - I love expansions and DLCs too. I'm hoping to keep this one under control.
- hair/makeup tools - I rarely do a full makeup and hair look.
- home decor - Literally stop!!!
- jewelry - I have the pieces I am eyeing on my wishlist but am going to have to live with what I have for now.
- makeup/skincare (except for replacements) - I want to actually use the full product before buying more.
- movies/cds - I grew up with a gnarly collection of DVDs and CDs. I still love to pick them up occasionally but my collection is out of control and while I'm a huge proponent of physical media, I need to be stopped.
- nail polish - I have so much nail polish and I hardly ever do a full mani/pedi.
- perfume - I have a whole basket of perfumes that are mostly full.
- phone cases - I don't even know how to explain this one? Like why am I obsessed with new phone cases?
- plants - This one hurts because I love a good greenhouse shop, but I have several plants that need tending to. I need to knock it off, at least for now.
- stationary/pens/markers (except something I need for school that I don't already have) - I love stationery. So much. But it needs to stop, my collection is wild.

Do you have a No Buy List this year? If so, what's on it?

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